March 22, 2011

Feel the weight of complete trust?

It happens the same way each night.
Sparky brushes her teeth, reads a book and then nurses. When she's all done, she uses the potty, goes to bed, has 1 song and some snuggles and then goes to sleep.

A couple hours later, I get her from her bed to use the potty before I go to sleep myself. She might be able to make it through the night without that potty time, but we're setting her up for success and knowing that she has a lot of milk right before bed, we choose to help her with the potty in her sleep. She doesn't wake to use the potty (or for anything else either really), instead, she trusts us to help her.

It's that middle of the night potty time that tells me she trusts me completely. I open her bedroom door and try to figure out where she's laying and how she's turned in the dark. Then I pick her up and can feel the full weight of her resting against me. She just snuggles against me while we go to the potty and I set her feet down. When we're done with the potty, she just stands there and waits for me to pick her back up to go back to her bed. She doesn't normally wake up at any point in this, but she is always sound asleep before we get back to her bed and she's tucked back in.

Sparky is also a kid who wants to be picked up, held upside down, danced with, helped with handstands and flung around like a swing dancer! There's never any fear of being dropped by Hubs or I as she is dangling upside down by the ankles, flipped over and in perpetual motion with parental assistance.

So if you were to ask me today what it feels like to be completely trusted, I would tell you it feels like 35 pounds of warm snuggly kid loving their mama. That's what it feels like knowing that Sparky trusts me completely.


  1. It really is the best feeling, that trust.

  2. I agree. How special to have that kind of relationship.

  3. Oh how sweet! My daughter weaned this past summer at a little over 2 and a half and I remember cherishing every one of those late night snuggles and wee runs knowing soon it would end. I used to sneak the bjorn little potty under her and make a "ssss" sound and she'd pee right in her sleep LOL!

    You kindly asked to use the Magentic ModPodge Quilt from my blog in your homeschool co-op - absolutely! And I'd love to see photos too. I could share them (or not) but would love to see your spin on them. Tangrams would be fun, wouldn't they?!


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