December 13, 2010

Feed a friend?

Butternut squash soup
1 extra large and mostly "meat" butternut squash
4 cups water
4 cups veggie broth
3 sweet potatos
3 apples
two big handfuls of baby carrots

1 small-ish onion
1 red pepper (I didn't have it this time, but wish I had)
1 block of firm silken tofu

sprinkle or 3 of:
fresh ground black pepper
ground nutmeg
ground cloves
ground ginger
allspice (can't remember if I tossed that in, but I think I did)a little bit of salt (maybe 1/8 teaspoon)

Cut all the veggies into 1" cubes or so. It's not rocket science, just estimate it and go with it! :) Stick everything in a large pot and let it cook until everything is soft. Then, puree in a blender in batches.

I like to puree and then dump the puree into a large mixing bowl and then stir the batches together after it's all pureed. Mine made around 30 cups of soup.

Soup was delivered with two scratch made biscuits, homemade apple pie filling, some dried apples and a couple apple flax pancakes for breakfast tomorrow. Hopefully it lightens the load my friend carries.


  1. You are always the first to step forward when people need help. I'm constantly amazed by your giving spirit.

  2. Awww, thanks Shannon! In this case, I also knew the request would probably come so I was ready to deliver as soon as the request was made.

  3. I have some cubed squash sitting in the freezer that a friend gave me that is just calling out to be made in to soup. Any suggestion on what I could use instead of the tofu? Do you just use that to thicken?

  4. Kristen, this is the first time I've added the tofu. Just leave it out and it's fantastic. I was just trying to up the protein since I worry about Spunky's nutrition. Every bite for her has to be caloricly and nutritionally dense if possible.


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