December 6, 2010

Meet my nemesis?

Maybe nemesis is too strong of a word, but maybe not.

Wanna know what it is?

It's those fricking fugly net lights that some a-hole designed and ridiculous people insist on installing on their poor unsuspecting shrubs.

I HATE net lights. Absolutely, with a passion, hate them.

What the heck lazy neighbors? If you want to put up lights, no problem. Sparky and Spunky love them as we go by. Thank you for putting them up. Now, Hubs and I can't stand the net lights. Take
the time to put up real lights that you wind around what-not on your own, or don't bother. Same goes for the crazy ugly woodland creatures. Let them be. Maybe that's why deer don't come through the 'hood anymore. They're too embarrassed by your holiday decorating.

And if you read my previous blog, yes, I complained about this last year about this time too. I really just can't stand those stupid lights!

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