December 16, 2010

Make it worth it?

The fam and I met some other moms for a "light show" tonight at the local botanical gardens.

In the rain.

Well shit.

That's not what I was planning on.

So, standing in the rain, waiting for friends to show up, wondering why we're doing this..... Grrrr......

Now add in the reality that my base body temperature seems to actually be low and I'm standing there in the cold and rain and frankly, was not happy about it. But I said I'd be there, so I gotta go.

After waiting for the last person for awhile after I'd already sent everyone else (including Sparky and friends) ahead, I went to catch up with them. Once I got to them, I remembered why the cold and rain were worth it. It's a beautifully magical place all made up like a spring/summer garden, but with Christmas lights.

Oh yeah. THAT'S why it's worth it! It's just so beautiful, but not in the double rainbow kinda way. It really is very beautiful and a lot of work went into making it so lovely. I took Sparky and Spunky twice this year and both nights were free nights. I should probably either take them again on a fee night or just do an online donation and not be such a cheapskate about it.

It almost feels like a community service that they do the lights and it's something Hubs and I have enjoyed together since before we were engaged. It's kinda our little family tradition, which makes it even more worth the cold and rain that we had tonight.

And really, I know to expect cold and rain this time of year living here. What else would there be?

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