December 1, 2010

Find joy today?

There's this thing that happens most every day at my house. Sparky and Spunky and I pile on the bed and there's generally some giggling, tickling, playing and it generally dissolves into two little girls climbing all over me. It's also often my favorite time of day. They're bony and uncoordinated and I often feel like I'm being bruised.

Then again, there's also something magical about their unpretentious joy of being together as the three of us. I love their laughter and giggles and while Hubs doesn't always understand me keeping them up a little bit later, it's totally worth it! They sleep plenty (Lord knows it!) and an extra 10 minutes of being awake each afternoon isn't anything to worry about.

Their laughter is the best part of every single day and I always try to make sure that we all get those few moment of joy. It really is incredible and I wish everyone who knows them got to experience what I get to experience each day. I'm so lucky to be mom to my special little girls!

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