January 9, 2011

Fall in love today?

Short version? I said one word to Hubs and he smiled.

Longer version...

I made tapioca for Sparky and Spunky the other day. It's organic, coconut and all sorts or healthy for my kids. It also has no sugar so it's nothing like the tapioca pudding that I like. Tonight, Hubs was willing to make tapioca for us with all the sugar it's supposed to have. He brought each of us a coffee cup with some tapioca in it while I was watching Desperate Housewives (guilty pleasure!). As I had a sleeping Spunky in my lap and was very carefully taking slow and non-dripping bites over her, I turned to see Hubs well.... um... shoveling his into his mouth.

He had his cup about 3 inches from his mouth and was moving his spoon back and forth faster than a hummingbird's wings. Cup mouth cup mouth cup mouth cup mouth. He was moving faster than I can type that. I just looked at him until he glanced my way, which took a moment while he was shoveling his pudding. When I glanced back, I simply said "really?" He smiled and responded "but it's just so good!"

Call me smitten!

Here's the recipe we use, but I like it better without the egg: http://www.kraftrecipes.com/recipes/tapioca-pudding-50886.aspx. I don't like the taste of eggs so then there's nothing that resembles a fried egg in my sweet pudding, but it does leave it a bit runnier FYI.

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