January 5, 2011

Get Out?

I strategically gave Hubs snowshoes for our anniversary. A little sneaky, yes. Totally worth it, absolutely!
We went this week before he had to go back to work after his Christmas break and it was so fun. We only went for about an hour, but that was just right since Sparky was walking the whole time and Spunky was a bit cranky.
We then asked our families to give us some of the stuff to help us go like a parking permit and a gift certificate for a snowshoeing excursion. Fun fun!
Hubs and I both grew up downhill skiing and I started doing cross country in college. It’s still something I enjoy, but it’s pretty intimidating with Sparky and Spunky in tow. Literally. That’s how we’d have to take them. Next time we go snowshoe (next weekend?), we’ll take the tow-mobile with us and give it a shot. That will let us go for longer and further and hopefully work out well. The trail we took last time was very tow-mobile friendly so I’m optimistic. We might end up just leaving it in the car and if we’re able to use it, great. If not, no worries. Sparky loved snowshoeing and Spunky is happy to hitch a ride most any time.
I blew out my knee running in college (took like….. 5 months to even start to heal), so I don’t anticipate downhill skiing really being in my future which makes me a bit sad. I’d like to take Sparky and Spunky, but maybe that will be a way for Hubs to bond with our kids. Maybe I’ll be the one to take them cross country. Snowshoeing can be our family activity!
No matter how I look at it, we now have some really reasonable ways to get out and be active even when it’s beyond cold and I just want to snuggle under a blanket and eat popcorn. Getting out and bundling up is a much better example for my kids though so, out we go!


  1. We'd love to go with you guys sometime! Glenn got me snowshoes for Christmas 5(?) years ago. We loved it, but haven't been since having kids. I saw some kids ones at Costco I was thinking of getting Beanie.

    Glenn blew his knee out about ten years ago, tore three of the four ligaments in his knee. He's only been downhill skiing once since then, said it just wasn't the same.

  2. Ours are from Costco. I'm pretty pleased with Sparky's! She wears a size 10 boot and we had a little difficulty getting the snowshoes to fasten right, but she didn't complain and did great with them. They have a 100 lbs weight limit which will probably be the teen years for both kids.

  3. Sparky probably could start learning to ski now. Moira has been taking lessons with my Dad for a couple of weekends now and she's already figuring out how to turn.
    I don't know about the knee thing, but my Dad had to have knee surgery a couple of years ago and he's still happily skiing (and teaching). Just not as often as he used to.
    Maybe I should see if he would be willing to do a toddler ski class for EAP.


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