January 11, 2011

Get a bit depressed?

This isn't all woe-is-me. No worries.

Basically, I have an aquaintance that I've known for 10+ years. She and Hubs are Facebook friends and he told me recently how her status updates and most of her posts are about her pride in her heavy weight.

Don't misunderstand, I'm a big fan of people accepting their bodies and being proud of who they are. I'm also a big fan of people at least trying to be healthy. Making an effort counts even when success is slow to come. I'm not a nutritionalist or dietitican and don't have an ideal weight in mind for her. But there's a point when someone is visibly much too heavy for their frame and she's at that point.

I'm a bit doughy and could definately stand to loose a bit of weight, but I'm trying and have lost some. I'm trying even though it's a bit slow going. I'm setting the example for the kidlets that taking care of my body is important. Yeah, I eat chips and other misc junk foods some of the time. No lies about that! I'm nowhere near Biggest Loser contestant status though. Aquaintance.... could be Biggest Loser.

It's lovely that she's proud of herself. It's depressing to me that she no longer is trying to be a healthy weight for her family. Makes me glad she's not having kids and setting the example for them. It's just depressing that this strong woman has opted not to do anything about what may very well kill her. And that is the really depressing part.

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