January 4, 2011

Get Grossed Out?

This isn't graphic or anything, don't worry. But, it's still makes my stomach churn.

Hubs brought in the mail tonight and there was an ad for Denny's. Hubs and I both saw the same thing on the front. It's their fried cheese sticks inside a grilled cheese sandwich. Hubs just called it a heart attack. While I saw the same *blech* factor, I decided to look it up. And that was how I got grossed out!

Here's a link to their nutritional information: http://dennys.com/en/page.aspx?ID=23&title=Nutrition+%2b+Allergens. I don't eat at Denny's often or anything like that (maybe twice in the past 4 years), but I now have zero intention of ever eating there again. I really appreciate that they have their nutritional info available online, but wow. My body deserves better than that.

I'm a little afraid to look at the Red Robin info now, but I've glanced at it when I've been there and know that their Garden Burger is a reasonable choice. Not amazingly great, but reasonable. I was there with a kid who ordered their pepperoni pizza recently (not Sparky or Spunky) and when I glanced, my entree was much lower calories than the pizza. The pizza was actually higher than an adult should really eat for their meal. Ugh.

I know different people eat differently, but for me, there's really a point when it's a disservice to make a body digest pure ick. Denny's, it'll be quite awhile before I see you again if ever. Red Robin, I think we need to take a break and have less often rendevous.

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